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Collection: "DIY" Do it Yourself Kits

Want to build & finish your own gas fire pit? We offer 2 different types of “DIY” Do It Yourself Kits to build your gas fire pit. They will come with everything you need to make a gas fire pit, including burners, valve, burner pan & flex lines. You can apply your own finish materials to create a semi-custom gas fire pit.

Our Customizable “DIY”Kits will come in 3 shapes and in a variety of sizes. These kits have the advantage of being able to order custom heights from 12″ to 24″ tall, but do not come with cement board attached which can easily be done with self tapping lathe screws. Our Ready To Finish Kits will come in a variety of sizes and shapes and will come with the cement board already installed but you can’t change the height.

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