Collection: "DIY" Do it Yourself Kits

Looking to gather around a crackling fire and enjoy the company of friends and family? Why not build your fire pit and create a lasting outdoor centerpiece? We offer exciting DIY options and convenient pre-made kits to bring your fire pit vision to life.

Embrace the DIY Spirit:

We've got you covered for those who love the satisfaction of a hands-on project. Dive into our comprehensive Customizable “DIY”Kits, packed with step-by-step instructions, material options, design inspiration & safety tips. 

Pre-Made Kits for Convenience:

If you prefer a more streamlined approach, our customizable and Ready-to-Finish Kits offer a convenient solution. These kits provide the essential components, allowing you to customize your fire pit, apply your finishing touches, and enjoy an easier set-up. 

Let's build your dream fire pit together!

Below, you'll find a variety of customizable kits, ready-to-finish kits, and match-lit fire pit kits to suit your needs and preferences.

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