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Collection: Match Lit Fire Pit Kits

Match Lit Fire Pit Kits are the easiest way to build your gas fire pit.

The Outdoor Plus Fire Pits From FirePit Outfitters

We have a wide selection of outdoor plus fire pits. From powder-coated steel and stainless steel to hammered copper and concrete options, we have an amazing range of prices and materials for your outdoor plus fire pit. Not sure if you want water features to go along with your new outdoor fire feature? Give us a call today before you make a purchase!

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Basically a match lit kit for natural gas typically consists of:

1. Burner of the proper shape and size.
2. Burner pan that matches the shape of the burner but larger than the burner.
3. On/Off manual valve.
4. 2 flex lines with 1 being a whistle free version from the valve to the burner pan and burner.

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