Collection: Custom Stone Fire Pits

We build these custom stone gas fire pits right here in Colorado and can build these in 6-7 weeks. Give us a call and we can help you with all of your choices of stone, height, gas type or anything else. There are a lot more choices than we show on this web site. We will be answering our phones as much as we can and if we miss your call please leave a message and we promise to get back to you as soon as we can. 1-800-979-3267 Read more

Custom Fire Pit Creation Process

Below are the steps we take to create our top-rated custom gas fire pits. Please feel free to call us and we can walk you through the customization process.

A true custom stone gas fire pit delivered to your door!

Handcrafted here in Colorado by our master mason with you choice of shape, size, base stone style and color, cap stone color & ignition type.

Choose from 4 different shapes and pick your height from 12″ to 24″. If you do not see a base stone choice listed here, give us a call to discuss the other choices available, including thin brick.

These gas fire pits will ship completely assembled ready to hook up with 1 connection to your gas supply.

We start with a heavy duty steel frame welded to your height specifications.

These “DIY” Kits are available to purchase if you would like to do your own cement board and stone work. The frame is made with 2″ square steel tubing and then powder-coated to protect the frame for a lifetime.

During this process we will also add venting on opposing sides of the gas  fire pit for safety, especially for LP liquid propane fire pits. The frame has a built in burner plate and burner pan to support the fill material and allow hook up and service. If you want a size or shape not shown here, please give us a call.

Cement Board & Metal Lathe

Once we get the custom frame back from the powder-coater we will then apply cement board and metal lathe to the kit along with the proper venting on 2 opposing sides to get it ready for our masons.

The lathe is not a requirement but we have found it helps adhere the base stone and cap stone, especially when we are going to ship these across the country. The heavy 2″ steel tube frame eliminates any flexing or movement which allows us to finish the gas fire pit here instead of on site.

Fire Pit Base Stone & Cap Stone

Finally the fun begins. Our masons will now stone the base and cap of the gas fire pit with your choice of stone. We can even customize the size and color of grout joints if you desire. We do offer more stone choices than shown here and can also customize these with a different stone manufacturer if you would like to match the stone work you may already have on your home.

Get a 3D Drawing to See How Your Fire Pit Will Look.

Let us render and send you a 3-D model of your fire pit with your stone choices, to get a better idea of what it will look like in your setting. We can use any stone choice from our manufacturer at Sunset Stone. This will give you many more choices of stone for your gas fire pit that are not listed here. Contact us with your choices and we will draw a model for you to help you decide.

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