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What people say about Fire Pit Outfitter

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Solid product, great quality.

Hi Sabir,

Your picture looks fantastic – it's wonderful to see our product in action. Enjoy your warm and inviting fire pit!

Rebuilt fire pit

Old burner had corrosion and didn’t work anymore. Replaced with this, and I’m very happy! Bigger than the old one, I love the coverage and size of flames when turned up all the way!

Hi Doug,

Thank you for your feedback and pictures! It's great to know that the increased size and flame coverage have met your expectations. Enjoy the cozy ambiance and warmth it provides!

No more whistling sound!

Like the title says, no more whistling sound! Rebuilt my entire fire pit. Used to get a whistling sound, replaced old line with the whisper flex line. Totally worth it!

We couldn’t be happier with the fire pit cover. It fits perfectly and looks great. I’ve passed the info on to 2 folks already!

Hi Mary,

Thank you for the kind words! We're thrilled to hear that you love the fire pit cover and that it fits perfectly. Happy burning!

Great but better with a modification

The manual ball valve that you have to buy separate doesn't work with this paver block without a modification. The manual ball valve needs to be longer, or the paver block modified to fit the shorter ball valve. Concept is awesome, practicality needs improvement. But I have used it numerous times and works great. Will buy again.

Hi Joe,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We value your support and look forward to serving you again soon!

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

30" Charred Campfire Outdoor Log Set

Beautiful product. Works and looks great!

Very happy with you guys

I bought a custom stone fire pit instead of a generic one because I wanted a specific look. I thought about building one myself, but I purchased a custom-designed one from FirePit Outfitter. It's now on my patio, in the party area with a hot tub and barbecue area. It looks classy, clean and it's great to have conversations around.

This is the second gas fire pit that we have bought from you and have had no problems and feel that your pricing and service are very fair. Very happy with you guys.

Great fire pit cover

Wonderful service. Happy with the fire pit cover. Looks great, easy to use.

Better heat on cool WY nights

We have a luxury guest ranch in WY and quality is very important to us. We were looking for a high level of BTU's, warranty, hand-made quality, and custom stone fire pit to match the lower accent rock on this log home.

My first impression was: direct piped, high BTU's so better heat on cool WY nights.

Let's get another gas firepit ordered, built and received!

Looks incredibly natural

We wanted to be able to pick out the bricks (style and color) and since the custom stone fire pit is an anchor piece to our deck, we wanted it to be perfect!

We looked at several other places for gas fire pits, but felt the choices and turnaround time at Colorado Hearth & Home/Fire Pit Outfitter was our best choice. I love how easy it is to turn it on/off. We love the look of the wood logs and the flames coming up from the logs. Looks incredibly natural.

We had it installed on our back deck, which is where we spend the most time because of the beautiful mountain views. It naturally draws people to sit around it and enhances opportunities for great conversations. Thank you for being willing to work with us since we actually changed the size of our fire pit after our deck furniture arrived. They graciously changed the size of the custom fire pit order to meet our needs.

If you haven't purchased it yet, it's well worth the investment! You will never regret it!

It's perfect for a tight backyard

If you want a high-quality gas fire pit with a custom-designed finish, this is the only way to go.

I was looking for a specific size, shape and stone finish. I wanted a simplified low-maintenance starter function and a hard-piped gas line. I chose FirePit Outfitter because I loved the ease of use and the size of the flame, along with the great natural stone finish.

We placed our custom stone fire pit in the backyard patio to have a place to enjoy a Colorado day or night by the fire. I love to be by a fire and this gas firepit with a great flame is perfect for a tight backyard, safe fire pit experience!

It's stunning

I considered buying a standard gas fire pit, but I loved the style of FirePit Outfitter. It's stunning. Now my outdoor experience is incredible. I placed my custom stone fire pit on the deck. I recommend it.

Its beautiful to look at year-round!

This custom stone gas fire pit added great ambiance and especially heat on cooler or cold winter nights. Its beautiful to look at year-round! We placed it on our deck against the railing so we could be sitting looking out at the view of Pikes Peak.

We had specific details we wanted from a gas fire pit that a generic one wouldnt fulfill. Also, we looked around at other ore-made fire pits, but they either didnt fit the bill or would take many months to get. Guys, get your custom stone gas fire pit from Firepit Outfitter.

It matches the stone/brickwork of our home

I have to say the custom stone fire pit is so much more beautiful than a generic model. The stone is what we wanted and it matches the stone/brickwork of our home. It is now on our rear deck and replaces a hot tub that used to be in this location.

We found FirePit Outfitter thanks to the reviews by previous buyers. I love the look of our gas firepit, it brings us together with our neighbors. I'd recommend anyone to get one.

PS. the installer was the bomb!!! not only did he do the work perfectly, he even cleaned-up when he was finished.

We got exactly what we wanted

We got exactly what we wanted. My wife and I had looked for a local Mason and/or retailer with no luck. Began searching fire pit stores on the internet and found Colorado Hearth & Home / Fire Pit Outfitter. After shopping the website and a call, we were convinced that we could have the custom stone fire pit that we were looking for. I love its appearance, cleanliness and ease of use.

Communication, placing of the order, and shipping were great. Pictures of the stone(s) were spot on to the actual stone. Friends can't believe that this was not built locally! Fire Pit is on our TREX deck, where we can enjoy our wooded backyard as a background. We can also bring out a mobile TV to watch those fall football games by the fire.

We use our back deck as much as possible. Nothing better than a cool spring or summer evening as well as a cool fall day on the deck with a fire. Don't hesitate to contact Colorado Hearth & Home / Fire Pit Outfitter, you won't be disappointed.

Definitely no regrets!

Would definitely recommend it, not only is the product expertly made, the customer service was top-notch and the shipping was amazing!

We wanted a built-in look for our custom stone fire pit, and this product gave us that custom look without having to have a contractor come and build it in place, stone by stone, having to find fireplace inserts, etc. Definitely no regrets!

The gas fire pit arrived perfectly packed and ready to set in place! We placed it in our backyard, where the family could gather. It's easy to hook up to our gas line and looks completely built-in.

It matches my patio well and is worth the price

I wanted to build a fire pit into my patio with matching stone to accommodate chairs around and seat. I looked for options in other local fireplaces, and I liked FirePit Outfitter products because they match my patio well and are worth the price. It was great that the delivery and assembly costs were included.

Penta Burner 48"
Jack Paschal
Star Burner

Love the flames flowing over our lava rocks.

The fire pit extends our outdoor enjoyment time!

I love that it matches my house perfectly. It's exactly what I wanted.

I was looking for a stone firepit to match the custom stone on my house. I considered a pre-fab firepit, but nothing was right. Everything was too flimsy or too generic looking. I also considered having my stone mason build something on-site, but we couldn't find a stone to match my house. Also importantly, Fire Pit Outfitter was both cost-effective and efficient!

We installed our fire pit in the backyard, close to our living room exit to the outdoor living space. We considered installing it farther away on the deck, but thought with it close to the indoor action we would use and enjoy it more often! We are so glad we did!

We love the fire pit for entertaining and for cozy nights home alone. I can cook in the outdoor kitchen or the indoor kitchen and still be close to people gathered around the fire pit. I'm Northern California nights can get cool as soon as the sun goes down year-round, so having the fire pit certainly extends our outdoor enjoyment time!

If you're thinking about getting one, I would say definitely consider it, and definitely buy it from Colorado Hearth & Home/Fire Pit Outfitter. The staff was super friendly and helpful, even working with them remotely. I sent pictures of my home, and they helped me pick out the right stone, and the right height, and design the fire pit."

I love the warmth and ambiance it provides

I considered several other gas fire pits from Lowes, Home Depot, and a few other fire pit stores. Most of the generic fire pits I found were too low and didn't match well with the color of our patio concrete. A custom stone fire pit gave me the ability to choose the size, height, and color to match better the look we were going for.

The gas firepit is the gathering space in the backyard. It gives us a comfortable space to gather, relax, hang out, and unwind in a beautiful outdoor living space. I love the warmth and ambiance it provides. I hope we never have to move because it is a beast of a fire pit that will probably have to stay with the home. But if we do move any time in the future, we'll work through Colorado Hearth and Home again for a custom fire pit there as well. I can't imagine our home without it.

To anyone considering buying a custom stone fire pit, I would say Do it! The cost wasn't that much greater than similar-sized ""off-the-shelf"" fire pits, but you know you are getting exactly what you want.

It's well made and great that you can customize it

It's so nice to sit out in the cool Colorado night by the fire. We wanted to be able to customize a stone fire pit to match our home, so it looks like it was built with the house. We went to the showroom, liked the look, size, and price, and ordered it.

We loved the nice appearance of the gas firepit; went along with the remodeling that we did on the back patio area (added natural stone, old reclaimed wood mantles for the outside fireplace, and reclaimed wood ceiling with new LED lights). I was able to use the same stone on the walls to add to the custom stone fire pit.

It's well made and great that you can customize it.

Makes a perfect location for an evening glass of wine

What we like best about our fire pit is its natural draw for groups of people together around and relax. We choose our back deck overlooking a valley for the fire pit. Makes a perfect location for an evening glass of wine or daily warm-ups during the winter. We find we use our deck, much more often with the fire pit installed. Particularly during the colder months.

We considered generic fire pits and actually ordered and set one up for a few days. When we realized the burner that was used provided a much smaller flame and it was noisy and sounded like a jet engine, and had not a natural looking, we considered other alternatives.

We returned this pit and ordered the custom pit from FirePit Outfitter. After looking at the two, theres no comparison regarding the natural look, size of the flame, and noise.

If you're considering getting a fire pit of this type, think about the stability of your installation location. The pit is somewhat heavy, although it went on our deck with no problem. Should have a good size gas line for maximum flame.

Rolled Lava Stone - Medium Size

Exactly what was ordered

We ordered the Black Lava Rocks (1CF) and it came exactly as ordered. Reliable and no hassle service. We'll be back! :)