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Fire Pit Idea Gallery

Visit our gallery to get ideas on how to design your outdoor space with a fire pit feature. Dozens of fire pit design ideas are yours to explore.

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Build Your Own "DIY" Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Kit or Choose From The Best Finished Gas Firepits.

Outdoor Fire Pit Components & Parts. Complete Custom Fire Pits. Gas Fire Pits. Gas Fire Tables and Accessories. We have everything you need to build your own backyard outdoor Gas Fire Pit in Natural Gas or LP, liquid propane. We specialize in the DIY “do it yourself” custom firepits and gas parts. We also offer complete Handcrafted Custom Stone Gas Fire Pits & our Beautiful Contemporary R & R Living Fire Pits in our exclusive metal finishes. Give our fire pit store a call and we can teach you how to build the best patio fire pit!
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Your FirePit Experts!

Expert Advice! Let us help you build your Outdoor Fire Pit. Our online store has everything to create your own Firepit for both Propane (LP) or Natural Gas. Why install a patio heater when you can enjoy a beautiful fire on your patio instead? Find a fire pit for both commercial & residential applications. Fire Rings, Burner Pans, Complete Kits with Electronic Ignition, Battery Ignition Systems, Fire Pit Tables, Custom Stone Fire Pits, Outdoor FirePit Logs, Firepit Covers, Black Lava Rock, Outdoor Heating, Volcanic Stone, CSA Certified Kits, Solo Stove, Contemporary fire pits, designs and custom fire table ideas. Fire Pit Enhancement Glass, Stainless Steel Burner Rings, on off Valves, Outdoor Gas Logs, Gas Hook Up Flex Lines, Custom Fire Pit Rings, Custom Fire Pit Burners & more…

Frequent Questions & Answers

How large should my gas line be for my fire pit?

This is not an easy question to answer due to the different variables involved. Some variables include the size of the fire pit, gas pressure, length of run, and other BTU input requirements. Another commonly forgotten aspect is that other appliances connected to the gas line, along with the fire pit. We have recommendations for the fire pits in our catalog and the support section of our website, but we recommend working with your plumber are well to account for all factors to ensure proper gas delivery.

Propane Fire Pit vs Wood Burning Fire Pits

If you prefer something that's easy to use and ready at the switch of a button, a propane fire pit is perfect for you. Propane fire pits typically come in aluminum or steel, and come in many different colors and finishes. Propane is easy to use and look classy.On the other hand, wood burning fire pits are more traditional. They don't require a gas line but do require wood and ignition to start it. The are the best fire pits for outside. There are smoke free fire pit options as well.

What are the Best Smokeless Fire Pits?

If you are sensitive to smoke, then a wood-burning fire pit may not be the best option for your backyard. Fortunately, with a smokeless fire pit, you can still enjoy cozy fires without the irritation of coughing and watery eyes! Smokeless fire pits generate heat like traditional ones but have been designed so that most of their produced smoke remains contained. We offer the best fire pit options when looking for a smokeless fire pit.

What Are Some Additional Fire Pit Features?

We offer a lot of different options for fire pit features. Some fire puts come with a removable ash pan or a removable ash tray. We also offer a protective cover option, these are perfect for if the temperature dips and can also act as a rain cover. Ask us about a spark screen, which are great for keeping sparks away from you as you use the fire pit. 

Which Kind of Outdoor Fire Pits are Best?

An outdoor fire is perfect for any family space! A propane fire pit is a great way to enjoy your outdoor living space without the need of patio heaters. They are easy to maintain and can provide a lot of warmth on cool evenings.A stone fire pit is ideal if you’re looking for the ability to customize the pit to your liking. There are many shapes, sizes and colors to choose from so that you can find the perfect one for a yard or patio fire pit location. They are also very durable and will last for years with proper maintenance.We carry various metal fire pit options as well. A stainless steel fire pit may be the best choice if you’re looking for a modern look. They are easy to clean and can add a touch of style to any backyard or patio. On the flip side, a steal fire pit is a great option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly choice.

Is a DIY Firepit a good option for me?

A DIY fire pit is a great option for someone who is handy and enjoys working on projects around the house. They are typically less expensive than purchasing a pre-made fire pit and can be customized to your liking. However, it is important to note that a DIY fire pit will require more maintenance than one that is purchased already made. If you’re looking for help on how to build one, give our fire pit store a call! We specialize in helping our customers with any of their fire bowl and pit needs! We are an authorized dealer for all fire pit services!

How to Create Custom Fire Pits?

We recommend working with one of our experts to create any custom fire pits, as there are a lot of factors to consider, such as how much space you have. We have expertise in various materials, including concrete fire pits, and various shapes, including round fire pits.We can offer help in creating smokeless fire pits and fire pit tables. A fire pit table is perfect for family friendly outdoor space, especially for if a goal is to roast marshmallows. Making s’mores requires a place to put your materials which is where outdoor fire pit tables come in handy!

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