Square SS All Weather Systems with Lotus Burner-7 sizes available



Square Stainless Steel AWEIS systems with Lotus Burner



Square Stainless Steel AWEIS systems with Lotus Burner- LC Certified
Available in 7 sizes.
16″-30″ have 1/2″ hub, the larger sizes have a 3/4″ hub

Pan Size:
16″ 90K BTU – 12″ Burner
18″ 90K BTU – 12″ Burner
24″ 115K BTU – 18″ Burner
30″ 175K BTU – 24″ Burner
36″ 220K BTU – 30″ Burner
42″ 265K BTU – 36″ Burner
48″ 265K BTU – 36″ Burner

All Weather Electronic Ignition System AWEIS

New “Dual Pilot Gas Technology” which prolongs life of Igniter considerably
Maximum Gas Output: 290K Btu/hr
Inlet Gas Press. Limit: 0.5 PSI
Standard Pilot Burner Configuration: (1) Pilot Burner
Inlet / Outlet Size: 1/2” FIP
Electrical Rating: 24VAC
Flame / Heat Sense: Thermopile
Ignition Type: Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Ignition (Glow Plug)
Control Box Dimensions: 4 1/2” x 5” x 4 1/2” (W x L x H)

The AWEIS SC is the smallest Electronic Ignition System for use in Fire Bowls and Fire Pits on the market today. Its small size, especially in height makes it the perfect match for those features that do not have much room in the vertical.