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Collection: Sound Reactive

In 2014 a viral video that paired music and fire inspired the founders of Music City Fire to bring home the experience of dancing fire. With more than 15 years of product development and manufacturing experience, MCF was in a prime position to take on this type of fun challenge. Every member of the team brings his or her own unique set of skills and passions, to combine in a collaborative effort that can be all at once considered disruptive and innovative to the fire feature industry. 
After several years of research and development, there were finally several workable prototypes, and patents in the books. Taking advantage of the social media experience, Music City Fire engaged with people who provided great feedback and input on their sound reactive fire systems.

The first systems hit the market in 2017, and have seen an incredibly warm and welcoming response from industry professionals and consumers alike.

Each of the fire pits in the catalog has been carefully designed, to take into consideration several natural elements, sleek and chic elements, and of course retired rails and ties that come together to create something wholly unique. Their careful selection of high quality technology integrated into their fire features sets them a cut above. Whether you’re looking for a fire feature that wows in your home in the country, or a fire pit that fits in beautifully with your downtown loft, you’ll find that there is a music reactive fire system just right for your needs.

The impressive integrated sound systems and easy-touch panels make it easy for you to customize your outdoor music and relaxation experience just the way that you want to. Whether up close with the touch screen display, or from afar with the Bluetooth and app integration, you can personalize your fire with perfect display of fire and sound just right for the occasion.

Where better than to merge music and fire than in Nashville, Tennessee? Music City Fire not only takes part of its name from this vibrant city sometimes known as “Music City,” but also calls this part of Tennessee home.

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