Torpedo Penta Burner 12"

Our Bullet Burners Create a High Flame Bonfire Effect. The SST Torpedo burner features a nozzle tactically designed to create the largest CSA Certified flame on the market for those seeking an esthetic and experience more like a bonfire.
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Our Bullet Burners Create a High Flame Bonfire Effect

We are so excited to add new technology to our HPC Fire Inspired burner product line.

The SST Torpedo burner features a nozzle tactically designed to create the largest CSA Certified flame on the market for those seeking an esthetic and experience more like a bonfire.

  • Commercial-grade stainless steel
  • Available in Penta, Linear, and H configurations

Our SST Torpedo burner outperforms other products in the big flame niche market when it comes to key features: flame, warranty, brass, and construction. 

The goal is to give customers yet another option that is inspired by safety and innovation for their lifestyle. 

For LP Liquid Propane you must add air mixing orifice.
Add a custom burner plate/pan to support the burner and fill material.


What is included with the Torpedo Burner?

​​The listing includes the burner only.

What fuel source does the Torpedo Burner use?

It works with either LP (liquid propane) or NG (natural gas). An air mixing orifice is required for LP.

How do I install the Burner? Is professional installation required?

Professional installation by a licensed gas plumber or NFI-certified installer is recommended. Our manual covers the steps and safety.

What is the heat output of the Torpedo Burner?

BTUs range from 75,000 to 300,000 depending on burner size.

How many BTUs should my fire pit burner have and how does it affect the flame?

BTUs, or British Thermal Units, are influenced by various factors in your gas setup, not just the burner itself. These include gas line pressure, pipe size, length, and valve system, which collectively determine the BTUs supplied to the burner.

Our burners typically have a rating of 600,000+ BTU, yet actual delivery depends on your setup. For example, if you only deliver 65,000 BTU to the burner, your flame will be at 65,000 BTU. The more BTUs, the taller the flame. Larger burners require more BTUs to have a large flame.

We label burners with suggested BTUs for a 16-20-inch campfire-like flame. A 24-inch burner needs 150,000 BTU for this. Lower BTUs yield a smaller flame, and higher BTUs a taller one.

Can the burner be used in a DIY fire pit?

Yes, follow safe construction guidelines for any custom fire pit.

Is the Torpedo Burner compatible with a glass wind guard?

Absolutely, ensure it sits 1" outside the burner area opening.

What materials is the burner made from?

304-grade stainless steel.

Is the burner suitable for both residential and commercial use?

Suitable for both, commercial setups may need flame sensing for code compliance.

What is the warranty for the Torpedo Burner?


How do I clean and maintain the Torpedo Burner?

No required maintenance for the burner itself.

Can I use fire glass or lava rocks with the Torpedo Burner?

Any approved media works with both fuel types. Darker glass and larger sizes are suggested with LP.

Do you offer customization options for the Torpedo Burner?

The Torpedo Burner itself is not customizable but we offer it in Penta, Linear, and H configurations.

Is the Torpedo Burner compatible with a remote control or smart home system?

We offer electronic ignition systems with remote or home automation for the Torpedo Burner and other designs.

What's the difference between a Torpedo burner and other burner types?

A Torpedo burner produces a distinctive "torpedo" camp-fire flame pattern with enhanced efficiency and heat distribution. The choice depends on user preferences for aesthetics and performance.

Manufacturer Hearth Products Controls
Weight 5.0 lb
Ignition Match Light
Shape Penta

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