Collection: Diamond Fire Glass

Imagine coming home to a fireplace full of dazzling, colorful jewels instead of the dull logs or fire stones you’re used to! That’s what your customers will feel when they fill their fireplace or fire pits with our zircon fire glass crystals. But that’s not all… imagine the look on their faces when they light the fire and show off to their guests how the fire dances off these beautiful gem-like pieces and how the light reflects off them, enriching the entire ambiance of the surroundings! These zircon fire glass crystals are sure to be the focus of every conversation!

Our Diamond fire glass comes in large 1″ pieces, all diamond-like in shape. They come in several beautiful colors, each with a lustrous shine, guaranteed to withstand temperatures of up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit and to never crack, or lose their color, shine, or shape! They are also extremely easy maintenance because they don’t give off any smoke, soot, or ash. Browse through all the brilliant colors and be amazed!

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