Can a Table Top Fire Pit Keep You Warm This Season?

Can a Table Top Fire Pit Keep You Warm This Season?

The differences between an in-ground and above ground fire pit have always been a topic of debate among experts. While some consider that in-ground fire pits are both more appealing and more practical, others disagree, saying that an above ground, table top fire pit is the way to go in terms of style and elegance, and that any practical drawbacks of these designs are well worth having.

A fire pit is basically an isolated part of your property where it’s safe to make a fire. It can be as simple as an area lined with stones, where you burn dry wood. More elaborate designs feature gas burning and heat regulating equipment placed underground or inside a beautifully crafted stone table.

The advantage of in-ground fireplaces is that they are closer to the ground and less likely to carry heat and flames to surrounding buildings and trees. Because of their lower placement, the heat they produce is also more likely to reach lower areas, rather than leaving them in the cold.

On the other hand, table top fire pits are easier to use and more convenient. They can be used more practically in a social setting or during a party – for instance, by bringing chairs closer and sitting around the fire pit telling stories and enjoying a relaxing dinner. Also, depending on the terrain, digging  holes to install in-ground fire pits might not always be practical. So the setup of an above ground table top fire pit is a much more lucrative choice in this situation.

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