Types of Gas Fire Pits You Can Get on a Lower Budget

Gas fire pits are typically more efficient and reliable compared to wood fire pits, and they can be used in a wider array of settings. However, gas fire pits are also most often quite expensive. Some of the most expensive ones can be as much as 3 times more costly than a typical  wooden fire pit. The good news is you can still get a budget friendly gas firepit if you look around and choose the right type of gas fire pit for your home.

Size and performance is usually a big factor when it comes to the price of your new gas fire pit. Typically, a less expensive gas firepit will be harder to install, and they’ll need more time to generate the heat output you’d want. However, their energy efficiency, clean burning ability and low emissions will be generally the same as the more expensive propane burning fire pits. So a lower power output is not a bad trade-off in most cases, if you’re looking for something closer to your available budget.

Maintenance issues are also not common with gas fire pits, so even getting a fire pit that’s slightly higher maintenance can still be worth the cost drop. Your fire pit will still be entirely safe, and the added maintenance will be far less of a problem or hazard when compared to the many possible issues you might encounter when you install other types of outdoor fire pits.