Is It Easier to Set Up a Table Top Fire Pit Than a Regular in Ground Fire Pit?

Although some people might believe that a table top fire pit is actually easier to install, this isn’t necessarily the case – at least not in most cases. Table top fire pits require careful preparation, and sometimes they will require a lot of work and money to even have the table part installed properly, before the fire pit is in place. Moreover, you will have to ensure that the dimensions and placement of the table will not present a fire hazard.

A lot of the time, experts installing table top fire pits run into issues such as the homeowner not having enough space in their outdoor areas to safely fit the fire pit where they wanted it. In other cases, flammable nearby materials make it very difficult to install or use the fire pit properly and safely.

In ground outdoor fire pits, on the other hand, are a lot less of a hassle. From the start, it offers a lot of freedom when it comes to the materials used to prevent fires. You can set it up with gravel, dirt, stone or bricks, and the area will be much easier to prepare. Also, the fire pit itself will usually be easier to use and place, since the fire will not extend to as great a height as to become a significant hazard when you turn up the gas at full power. Of course, you’ll still have to take all the necessary safety precautions, including having the fire pit installed at least 10 feet away from any trees, shrubs or other types of vegetation.