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How to Set Up a Backyard Fire Pit

The fire pit is the personification of comfort and warmth, which you can have too, in your own yard or garden. The dance of the flames and the crackling of burning logs are fascinating and prepare you for relaxation and a good deep night’s sleep. It is a pleasure to gather around the fire in the evening, enjoying the company of your loved ones.

Fire pits can look different, depending on the preferences of each of us, but it is very clear that they are cheap, easy to build, and have a special decorative contribution to your property.

Before deciding to build your own backyard fire pit, you need to determine where exactly you are going to place it. If you choose to arrange a permanent relaxation area, the fire pit around which you will place your garden furniture can be fixed, semi-buried, and built of cement, bricks, or stones. You will have to start by preparing the ground. Dig a hole, level and thresh the ground, and cover it with gravel. If you have more time and do not mind spending more money, you can concrete the area or build a decorative platform of bricks or stones.

On the other hand, if you are not sure that the space where you will arrange your relaxation area around the fire will always remain there, you would better look for a mobile fire pit that looks like a large and deep plate, generally made of metal, which can be moved around, where you need it.