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Getting a Gas vs. Wood Fire Pit

A fire pit is an accessory that completely changes the atmosphere of a garden. That is why, lately, it has become increasingly popular among landscapers and people who own a home with a garden and/ or patio. Fire is a living element, with an irresistible attraction. A fire pit offers warmth, light and a nice and special atmosphere that you can enjoy in any season.

What fire pit should you choose?

There are different types of fire pits and each one comes with its own advantages and fits in a certain type of decor. Given that your space restricts your options, you will first need to consider the fire pit fuel. Below we will present some pros and cons related to gas and wood fire pits. 

Gas fire pits

An easy to use natural gas fire pit requires existing access to natural gas. You have to run a line from your home to the pit, which means a permanent installation. Gas-fueled pits provide better control over the flames and heat, so they are perfect for creating the desired ambiance. On the other hand, they are not the best choice when it comes to keeping you warm.

Wood fire pits

On the other hand, wood fire pits provide plenty of heat. They actually need plenty of space to ventilate properly, as well as a larger fire pit ring, to keep everyone safe from the heat. Woof fire pits are semi-permanent, because, although they require some basic installation, they can still be moved around if necessary. The cracking sound and the smell of burning wood can instantly get you into an outdoor mood.