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Match Light Basics

Probably the most reliable & the least expensive type of ignition is the “Match Lit” gas fire pit.

How It Works

Start-Up: This is done by lighting long-stem lighter next to perimeter of burner then slowly open key to the valve. Leave key in valve during use.

Operation: Flame height may be adjusted by turning key to the valve- counterclockwise provides more flame, clockwise lowers flame.

Shut Down: To turn OFF the fire pit simply turn key to valve clockwise to OFF position. Remove key.

The basic components needed for a match lit fire pit are:

  • A flex line from the gas source to the Manual 1/4 Turn On/Off Valve.
  • Manual 1/4 Turn On/Off Valve.
  • Whistle Free Flex Line From The Valve To The Burner Pan
  •  A Burner Pan To Support Your Burner And Fill Material. You can support the burner pan by the edges with L-Brackets,  cinder blocks or anything else non-combustible. The pan must be able to be removed for service and installation. Sometime a pan with an installation collar may be used to be a able to remove the pan.
  • OPTIONAL: For LP, Liquid Propane, fire pits you must add an Air Mixing Orifice to the bottom of the burner pan & burner and provide proper venting in the base of the fire pit.
  • Gas Fire Pit Burner of the appropriate size and shape. Usually smaller than the fire pit opening and burner pan.
  • Fill material over the burner and burner pan. (lava rock, fire glass, lava stones, or….?)

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