"DIY" Gas Fire Pit; Manual On/Off Valves

Manual On/Off Valves For Gas Fire Pits

Firepit Outfitter’s manual 1/4 turn valves come with the brass CSA approved cast valve, decorative flange and a 4″ key. The valve both allows you to light the gas fire pit for a match light system, control the gas flow and can be used as an emergency shut-off for electronic ignition kits.

The valve will be on the inside of your gas fire pit enclosure and the decorative flange on the outside. The removable key then inserts into the flange to reach the valve. When installing in a wall thicker than 4″ you may need a longer key to reach the valve as shown here. The sleeve can be made with 3/4″ standard gas pipe fittings.

valve extension keys for fire pit

Manual On/Off valves come in 2 basic sizes and either a straight or angle configuration.

The size will determine the gas flow to your burner. Burners up to 24″ typically can use the 1/2″ valve which will flow 150,000 BTU’s and for larger burners requiring more gas flow our 3/4″ valve is the answer and will flow up to 300,000 BTU’s.

Choose the configuration of either angle or straight depending on the need for your gas fire pit. They both will flow the same amount of gas.

valves and keys for gas fire pits

On each valve there will be an arrow showing the gas flow direction. Gas coming into the valve and gas going out to your burner pan and burner. The easiest way to hook up a valve is with our whistle free flex lines. The valves are all available on our online store with your choice of decorative flange.

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