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Backyard Fire Pit vs. Front Yard Installations – What to Consider?

Where should you place your new fire pit? Would a back yard installation be good enough, or should you consider setting it up in the front yard? These questions have to be pondered carefully when you first install a fire pit, whether it’s mobile or you don’t plan to ever move it from its designated location.

Whether or not you’d prefer a back yard installation would depend on how much time you spend in your backyard either to socialize or just relax with the family. Having frequent parties and barbecues where people hang out in the back yard is reason enough to install an attractive propane fire pit, and having enough space for it also makes it a good choice.

On the other hand, if your goal is to ensure that your home has good curb appeal and that visitors will be impressed with it, then installing your fire pits in the front yard or on the patio is a better choice by far. That way, you can improve the overall appearance of your property and have a good conversation piece ready whenever someone comes to visit. A patio fire pit or outdoor fire pits powered by propane gas would usually be the best option, if that’s the case.

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