wood fire pit

Would a Stone Fire Pit Look Better Than a Wood Fire Pit?

 The debate on whether wood fire pits are better than stone fire pits has been going on for a long time. Even though stone is considered to be the safest option for any back yard, wood fire pits are still very much in vogue because of their style and uniqueness. Nevertheless, a lot of homeowners these days actually prefer stone because of its timeless appeal and the fact that it just looks sturdy and reassuring in its own way. So which one would look better in your back yard?

The answer isn’t an easy one, and it will depend on how you want to improve your curb appeal and what your home exterior already has to offer. It also matters what type of fire pit you want to use. A DIY fire pit might look great if it’s made of stone, and gas fire pits are known to create better appeal when the design features wood.

Ultimately, personal preference is also important, and you have to consider what style you’re going for. A lot of the time, mixing home exterior trends can work out, but not always. A traditional home might look better with a sturdy looking set of stone fireplaces. However, with modern wood accents and finishes really taking off, you might be better off with a specialty designed wood fire pit instead of a stone one.

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