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DIY fire pit

Why Unique DIY Fire Pit Designs Might Not Be as Safe as You Think

You may feel like your outdoor living space has come together just as you had envisioned it after adding a unique DIY fire pit - until the wind blows smoke directly into everyone's faces! Because orientation was not considered during design, you might have to leave your fire pit once the wind starts to blow.

Or, even worse, it is possible that, as an inexperienced installer, you used a material that was not even designed to withstand such high temperatures. For example, concrete blocks could explode if they become too hot; you might not be aware of all the safety considerations of a DIY firepit, which makes it potentially quite dangerous for your home.

As you can see, building a fire pit could be much trickier than you anticipated. It requires more than simply excavating an area and laying stones. Crucial design considerations must be made to enhance the space rather than detract from your garden.

DIY fire pit industry leaders at Firepit Outfitter suggests the following essential components you should consider when building a unique DIY fire pit area:

  • Choose the suitable materials for the construction of a safe fire pit
  • Think about the height and the orientation of your fire pit
  • Consider the local climate
  • Know local laws and safety regulations



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