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backyard fire pit

What’s the Difference Between a Stone and a Wood Fire Pit?

The use of outdoor fire pits is growing in popularity. Homeowners who already enjoy beautiful indoor fireplaces are more interested in installing ​​an outdoor fire pit, knowing the wonderful atmosphere a fire can create. After all, who would not like to be able to relax in a warm and cozy area?

Natural stones represent one of the best solid building materials and create and maintain a natural aspect of the area where they are used. Therefore, stone fire pits are some of the best products of this type, and they can be sized to suit your unique garden layout and size and your preferences.

There are many natural stones, each with its characteristics and aesthetic properties. Ideally, your choice complements the features of the surrounding landscape. This means you can choose the type of stone backyard fire pit you want and how it complements your property.

On the other hand, a wood fire pit is not made of wood but is wood burning. Wood is a relatively cheap fuel; you can burn any type of wood in your fire pit. Living on a large piece of land allows for comfortable walks in the forest that may also turn into wood-gathering expeditions. Camping lumber is also widely available and relatively affordable.

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