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Stone Fire Pit Vs. Metal Fire Pit

Stone Fire Pit Vs. Metal Fire Pit

There are two main types of fire pits: built-in and portable. Each of them comes with its own advantages, can be made of different materials and fits into a certain type of décor.

Stone Fire Pits

A stone fire pit is built-in, just like a brick fire pit, and fits large gardens. Its construction is a complex project that can be quite expensive in terms of money and time, but the results are commensurate. It is preferable to be located in an open area with a view, for a special visual effect. Such a space can become a corner of refuge for private discussions, away from the regular activity of the house, or for moments of solitude, contemplation and relaxation. A company that designs the best fire pit solutions, affirms that the advantage of a stone fire pit is that it is practically immortal. It can be used for generations and has the potential to increase the real estate value of the property.

 Metal fire pits

A metal fire pit is most often portable, which makes it more practical and cost-friendly. One of its great advantages is that it can be relocated or easily stored when you need to free up or redecorate the space. A metal fire pit can be easily accessorized with a grill, which will transform it from an object of décor, into a practical one, used for outdoor cooking.



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