stone fire pit

Setting Up a Large Stone Fire Pit for Your Back Yard

Are you ready to take your backyard entertainment area to the next level? A large stone fire pit is a great addition that can become the highlight of your outdoor living space. Regardless of whether you need a place to gather with friends or just want to enjoy some peace and calm, a fire pit can provide a variety of benefits.

The initial stage in setting up a large stone fire pit is selecting the right location. Make sure the area is in an open space with plenty of room around the pit. You will also want to consider the distance between your fire pit and nearby buildings. Once you have located the adequate spot, it is time to start constructing.

Start by drilling a hole that is between two and four feet in diameter and at least two feet deep. Line the fire pit using firebricks or large stones and make sure the area is in a circle or other circular pattern. You can also use concrete blocks to reinforce the structure.

Next, fill the pit with gravel to provide extra protection from the heat of the fire. Add your logs or wood chips and light your fire. Make sure to follow safety precautions and keep plenty of water nearby for emergency situations.

And that is not where you have to stop! To give your fire pit that special something, consider adding a seating area and an area to store wood chips. Also, some plants nearby help create a cozy atmosphere. Pathway lighting and decorative firewood holders also enhance the feel and look of the setup.

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