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Safety Precautions for Wood Fire Pit Maintenance

Safety Precautions for Wood Fire Pit Maintenance

One of the main issues with wood fire pits is that they don’t burn in a controlled fashion the way gas and propane fire pits do. As a result, great care has to be taken when operating them, and you should always avoid linking it or having it close to any other wooden surfaces or installations.

Never operate your fire pit underneath or in the vicinity of your overhang or in an enclosed area where it’s located close to other flammable materials. In fact, experts recommend that a wood burning fire pit should be at least 10-25 feet away from any structures like your house, trees, your shed, your wooden fence or your neighbor’s property.

When it comes to using a wood fire pit, it’s important to have appropriate vents installed. The vents will keep the system from overheating, especially if you’re thinking about adding advanced features like an electronic ignition to your fire pit.

Finally, depending on where you place your fire pit, it could heat up the area to dangerous levels. An excellent safety practice for a wood fire pit is to build it on top of a layer of sand and gravel as well as paving stones added both for aesthetics and additional safety.

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