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Propane Air Mixing Orifice For Gas Fire Pits

Propane Air Mixing Orifice For Gas Fire Pits

How To Build A Gas Fire Pit: LP Air Mixing Orifice

Propane Air Mixing Orifice

A propane air mixer is a required component for every fire feature that utilizes propane gas as a fuel source. Because propane is heavier than natural gas, it needs adequate oxygen for proper air ventilation and propane combustion. However, it is important to note that a propane air mixer can not work alone.

Venting in the base of the gas fire pit enclosure is also required, specifically for air intake. Here’s where the “mixing” comes in. Air entering through the vent’s opening fuses with the propane–diluting it–resulting in cleaner and more efficient burning flames. The mixer will attach to the bottom of the burner and burner pan.

We carry air mixers in both 1/2″ in different BTU ratings and the High Capacity 3/4″ for big gas fire pit burners.

Air Mixing Orifice for fire pit building

Air Mixing Orifice

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