gas fire pits

Patio Fire Pit Solutions for Safety and Convenience

Your patio would benefit significantly from a fire pit solution, but doing so can be risky if you do not know how to pick the right one. Inappropriate use of fire features may result in injuries and property damage. Make sure to follow the recommendations in this post to keep your patio and home free from unintentional fires.

Regardless of choosing a gas fire pit, an outdoor fireplace, a fire pit table, or a sunken fire pit, you should always research any purchase you make before making it. If you choose the wrong kind of fire feature for your patio, it might be risky to use it, at least in some circumstances. Your top concern should always be safety.

Always check your local building and fire codes for information on what is permitted on your patio. Always refer to gas fire pits manufacturer guidelines for installation and positioning instructions.

Choose a fire pit solution that allows you to keep a safe distance from any walls or windows. To maintain control and safety, it is typically advised to set up a perimeter of 10 feet between your home's structure and the fire feature.

It is also crucial to ensure the patio flooring and ventilation are adequate for the type of fire pit you use.




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