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Lesser Known Safety Tips for Installing a Patio Fire Pit

Dreaming of cozy evenings around a patio fire pit? Before you call an expert to turn your vision into reality, let's uncover some lesser-known safety tips that will ensure your outdoor haven is both warm and secure.

  1. Mind the Wind Patterns: Understanding wind patterns in your outdoor space is a crucial safety requirement. Be sure to talk to your Firepit Outfitter contractor about installing the fire pit in an area where wind won't carry sparks toward your home or other flammable structures. A simple consideration like this can help to keep your outdoor gatherings hazard-free.
  2. Opt for Non-Flammable Surfaces: Where you place your fire pit matters, too. Avoid setting it on surfaces that can catch fire easily and opt for non-flammable materials like concrete, gravel, or brick to create a safe zone around the fire.
  3. Invest in a Quality Fire Pit Screen: A fire pit screen is often an overlooked accessory, but one that can quickly become a safety essential. Sparks can unexpectedly fly, posing a risk to people and nearby objects. To avoid all that, you can invest in a quality screen that not only adds a layer of protection but also allows you to enjoy the flames from a closer distance without worrying about safety.
  4. Choose the Right Fuel: Selecting the right fuel for outdoor fire pits is also very crucial. Different fire pits are designed for specific fuels, such as wood, propane, or natural gas. Using the wrong fuel can compromise safety and performance, so make sure to always follow the manufacturer and Firepit Outfitter recommendations to ensure a secure and efficient experience.


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