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fire pits for sale

Is It Safe to Install a Table Top Fire Pit?

Table top fire pits are safer than a regular fire pit because it has smaller flames and it does not have to be regularly stoked with wood. However, children and pets still have to be closely supervised around the table top fire pit.  

fire pits for sale

The main items that typically make up a table top fire pit are: a table torch, a large bowl (or a tray that has sides) and pebbles or gravel and rocks. It will burn at approximately 800 degrees Fahrenheit with radiant heat. Eco-friendly fire pits for sale do not produce dirt or soot or smoke. Moreover, the flames do not leave marks.

You can easily roast marshmallows over a table top fire pit. It is also great for barbeque grills and it is safe to have on a wooden deck. In addition, it does not produce toxic fumes that can affect the lungs.

A metal mesh and a lava stone can be added to the pit for aesthetics. It can be lit by using a long lighter and it will burn for about three hours. To put the flame out, you can place something nonflammable over the bowl until the flame goes out.            

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