outdoor gas fire pit

How Gas Fire Pits Can Keep You Safe

               Gas fire pits are safer to use because they do not give off sparks or smoke. However, they do give off carbon monoxide, which is why adequate ventilation is still required.  

            It is safe to have a gas fire pit on the patio. It is very rustic as well because it can emulate old-school campfire and you can roast marshmallows over it. You can leave the fire going for up to five hours. However, you do have to keep flammable objects at a safe distance.

            An outdoor gas fire pit is ANSI-approved because they are safer than wood-burning fire pits. They do not have open flames and you can just cut off the gas to put the fire pit out.

            Gas fire pits are also safe for wooden decks because they do not produce embers and they burn at low temperatures and release less toxic fumes. However, they do give off less heat than wood fire pits.

            You will, nevertheless, have to be aware of the impact that the weather can have on the fire pit because, if it is too windy, it can blow the fire in the wrong direction and fuel it until it breaks out. You will also still have to monitor kids and pets around it to make sure they do not fall into the pit or climb over its edges.

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