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propane fire pit

How Does a Propane Fire Pit Table Work?

A propane fire pit table is basically a type of outdoor furniture that provides a warm and inviting ambiance to your backyard, patio or deck. It uses propane gas as fuel to create flames, which can be controlled to adjust the intensity of the heat and light.

A propane tank, which is usually hidden inside the base of the fire pit table, serves as the fuel source for the fire. A match or a spark ignites the propane gas that flows from the tank to the burner. The burner is a metal ring or rectangular tube with small holes or jets that allow the propane gas to escape and ignite, creating flames.

A control knob or valve on the table's side or base allows you to adjust the flame height and intensity. This is what fills the area around the burner and creates the look of a natural wood-burning fire. Typically, fire media includes lava rocks, ceramic logs, fire glass or stones.

A propane fire pit table produces heat and a warm, inviting ambiance that can be enjoyed year-round. It can be used as a focal point for outdoor entertaining, or simply as a relaxing spot to gather around with family and friends. Most propane fire pit tables come with safety features such as automatic shut-off valves and thermocouples, which help prevent gas leaks and fires.

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