Manual On/Off Valves for DIY Gas Fire Pits: Choosing the Right Size and Configuration

Manual On/Off Valves for DIY Gas Fire Pits: Choosing the Right Size and Configuration

Important safety note: Working with gas can be dangerous. This blog post is intended for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute for consulting a qualified gas fire pit installation professional. 

Firepit Outfitter’s manual 1/4-turn valves are perfect for DIY gas fire pit construction. They provide a safe and reliable way to control the gas flow and act as an emergency shut-off valve. These valves have a brass CSA-approved cast valve, a decorative flange, and a 4-inch key. The valve is installed inside the fire pit enclosure, with the decorative flange on the outside. A removable key is used to operate the valve through the flange. You may need a longer key if your fire pit enclosure is thicker than 4 inches.

valve extension keys for fire pit

Choosing the Right Valve Size

Manual on/off valves come in two basic sizes: ½ inches and ¾ inches. Your size will depend on the size of your gas fire pit burner and its BTU requirements. Consulting a gas fire pit valve size chart (refer to the National Fire Protection Association's website for resources) is crucial to determining the appropriate size for your specific needs.

  • ½ inch valve: This size is suitable for burners up to 24 inches and can handle gas flow up to 150,000 BTU.
  • ¾ inch valve: This larger size is ideal for bigger burners and can handle gas flow up to 300,000 BTU.

Remember, choosing the right size is crucial for proper gas flow and the safe operation of your fire pit.

valves and keys for gas fire pits

Straight vs. Angle Configuration

Manual on/off valves also come in straight and angle configurations. The configuration you choose depends on the layout of your gas fire pit and how you want the gas line to run. Both configurations offer the same gas flow, so the choice is based on your specific needs and space constraints.

Gas Flow Direction

An arrow on the valve indicates the direction of the gas flow. Make sure to pay attention to this when installing the valve to ensure proper gas flow.


The valves are easy to install and can be connected using whistle-free flex lines (sold separately) for a clean and safe connection.

Firepit Outfitter offers a wide variety of manual on/off valves in different sizes and configurations to meet your specific needs. Visit our online store to browse our selection and find the perfect valve for your DIY gas fire pit project. We've also compiled a gallery of inspiring customer projects showcasing beautiful fire pits built using our valves. Check it out on our website for some creative inspiration!

If you have any questions about DIY fire pit construction, don't hesitate to contact us today!

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