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DIY Gas Fire Pit: Custom Burner Pans

DIY Gas Fire Pit: Custom Burner Pans

DIY Gas Fire Pits: Custom Burner Pans

How To Build Your Own Gas Fire Pit

You have built your gas fire pit structure but now need to add the burner and the material to cover the gas fire pit burner. The easiest way is with a burner pan which should be 3″ to 6″ down from the top of your finished fire pit. You can do this with our Flexible Form Fitting Installation Collar, L-Brackets, Cinder Blocks or any non-combustible material. 

We can custom make burner pans in almost any shape or size, to fit your fire pit opening. We use heavy 14 gauge stainless steel and weld a stainless steel nipple to attach your burner and supply line or we can omit the nipple if needed and leave a hole in the center for the supply line.

Take a look at the video below showing us cutting a round burner pan on our CNC Plasma Table.

custom fire pit collar
burner pan for fire pits
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