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Avoiding the Mistakes of Trying a DIY Fire Pit Installation

Avoiding the Mistakes of Trying a DIY Fire Pit Installation

               There are many mistakes that can be made during a DIY fire pit installation. For instance, you can forget to put a ring around the fire pit. The ring makes the fire pit functional and it keeps it from spreading outwards. Or you could simply not use the right type of rocks. Only heat-resistant rocks should be used because other type of stones can crack and break under heat. Therefore, you should only use: concrete, granite and limestone.

            You can make many mistakes in terms of fire pit size. You can make it too small or too large and it may not accommodate guests properly. If it is too large, then it can easily damage the yard.

            Another common mistake is placing the fire pit in the wrong location. Not all areas of the yard are safe or secure. The fire pit should not be too close to the house and it should only be placed in an open area away from shrubs or plants.

            You may also unknowingly ignore certain safety measures such as: not placing the fire around flammable objects, putting it out with water instead of sand, not leaving it unattended and not placing it close to a building or a tree.

            To make sure you are safe and get the results you wanted, it’s best to contact a DIY fire pit company, like Firepit Outfitter, for fire pit installation. You will have your fire pit ready in no time, while avoiding any possible issues you may run into as a beginner DIYer.

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