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patio fire pit

Are Table Top Fire Pits More Dangerous Than Other Designs?

There are many questions about fire pits, in general, when buying the next centerpiece for your outdoor space - and for a good reason! Fire use and safety concerns are significant, and it is something intelligent buyers should consider when making an informed purchase.

A table fire pit combines functionality and elegance. But is it safe? Is it more dangerous than other designs?

The good news is that table top patio fire pits are entirely safe and safer than buried or masonry pits and other outdoor fire sources. Just look for a certified product made from durable materials using quality workmanship. Certified table top fire pits have passed rigorous safety tests, such as temperature, wind, and rain tests. Some of these products are often approved for use, even during fire prohibition periods.

On the other hand, a table top fire pit is safe as long as you use it safely. Make sure you place it in an unobstructed and non-combustible area, away from other materials that may catch fire. Do not use it under a pergola unless your pergola is tall enough.

Finally, yet importantly, do not leave it unsupervised. If you use it responsibly and respect these minimum requirements, your table top fire pit will be a beautiful and safe addition to your outdoor area.


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