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Are Outdoor Fire Pits Safe to Use?

Are Outdoor Fire Pits Safe to Use?

It is great to have an outdoor fire pit in your garden, because you can sit by the fire, cook delicious food or just watch the flames that warm and fascinate.

Setting an outdoor fire pit may seem like a simple thing to do: you make a circle on the ground, remove the vegetation and dig a small hole in the middle of it, to help control the fire.

However, if you want to use your fire pit safely, things get a bit more complex than this. Making the fire directly on the ground will deplete the soil from nitrogen in the long run, so you will end up with an empty, unsightly area in your garden. In addition, the fire can easily spread to nearby plants, shrubs, trees, objects – so it will require constant surveillance.

For your safety, give up improvisations and buy a cast iron fire pit or other ready-made solutions made of brick, natural stone etc. For a more cost effective option, check out affordable DIY fire pit kits from Firepit Outfitter.

The location of the pit is also important. It is recommended to be placed at a safe distance from buildings, trees and other flammable objects; in addition, it should be surrounded by stones, bricks, metal or concrete, to prevent the spread of fire.

Keep in mind that outdoor fire pits are easy to get out of control if no safety measures are taken. It is not recommended to start a fire on windy days. It is also not recommended to have pieces of garden furniture in the immediate vicinity of the pit, unless they are made from non-flammable materials.

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