outdoor fire pits

A Quick Guide for Buying and Installing Gas Fire Pits on Your Property

Decorating ideas with a fire pit continues to arouse our interest, year after year, from built-in solid models to more straightforward temporary options. From graphic gardens, with perfect lawns, to relaxed yards with wildflowers, the fire pit creates a focal point that you cannot help but be attracted to, as well as a source of warmth to relax and enjoy the atmosphere, regardless of the season.

Before purchasing gas outdoor fire pits, check its BTU rating. Why is this important? A normal range means 40,000-60,000 BTUs. The thing is, the higher the rate, the bigger the fire. Remember that a bigger flame might not be suitable for your yard, so test out the pit beforehand or consider the recommendations from specialists.

You should also have enough space in your yard to accommodate the type of fire pit you choose safely. It should be free from obstructions.

As for the installation, it should be performed by an authorized professional if you care for your safety. There are also various fire pit options, and a gas hearth is one of the most popular options. It is also potentially safer than a wood-burning fire pit, provided it is properly installed and exploited.

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