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Customer Story

The fire pit extends our outdoor enjoyment time!

I love that it matches my house perfectly. It's exactly what I wanted.

I was looking for a stone firepit to match the custom stone on my house. I considered a pre-fab firepit, but nothing was right. Everything was too flimsy or too generic looking. I also considered having my stone mason build something on-site, but we couldn't find a stone to match my house. Also importantly, Fire Pit Outfitter was both cost-effective and efficient!

We installed our fire pit in the backyard, close to our living room exit to the outdoor living space. We considered installing it farther away on the deck, but thought with it close to the indoor action we would use and enjoy it more often! We are so glad we did!

We love the fire pit for entertaining and for cozy nights home alone. I can cook in the outdoor kitchen or the indoor kitchen and still be close to people gathered around the fire pit. I'm Northern California nights can get cool as soon as the sun goes down year-round, so having the fire pit certainly extends our outdoor enjoyment time!

If you're thinking about getting one, I would say definitely consider it, and definitely buy it from Colorado Hearth & Home/Fire Pit Outfitter. The staff was super friendly and helpful, even working with them remotely. I sent pictures of my home, and they helped me pick out the right stone, and the right height, and design the fire pit."

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