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Customer Story

Makes a perfect location for an evening glass of wine

What we like best about our fire pit is its natural draw for groups of people together around and relax. We choose our back deck overlooking a valley for the fire pit. Makes a perfect location for an evening glass of wine or daily warm-ups during the winter. We find we use our deck, much more often with the fire pit installed. Particularly during the colder months.

We considered generic fire pits and actually ordered and set one up for a few days. When we realized the burner that was used provided a much smaller flame and it was noisy and sounded like a jet engine, and had not a natural looking, we considered other alternatives.

We returned this pit and ordered the custom pit from FirePit Outfitter. After looking at the two, there’s no comparison regarding the natural look, size of the flame, and noise.

If you're considering getting a fire pit of this type, think about the stability of your installation location. The pit is somewhat heavy, although it went on our deck with no problem. Should have a good size gas line for maximum flame.

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