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Customer Story

I love the warmth and ambiance it provides

I considered several other gas fire pits from Lowes, Home Depot, and a few other fire pit stores. Most of the generic fire pits I found were too low and didn't match well with the color of our patio concrete. A custom stone fire pit gave me the ability to choose the size, height, and color to match better the look we were going for.

The gas firepit is the gathering space in the backyard. It gives us a comfortable space to gather, relax, hang out, and unwind in a beautiful outdoor living space. I love the warmth and ambiance it provides. I hope we never have to move because it is a beast of a fire pit that will probably have to stay with the home. But if we do move any time in the future, we'll work through Colorado Hearth and Home again for a custom fire pit there as well. I can't imagine our home without it.

To anyone considering buying a custom stone fire pit, I would say Do it! The cost wasn't that much greater than similar-sized ""off-the-shelf"" fire pits, but you know you are getting exactly what you want.

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