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Customer Story

A Deck Upgrade Win!

What made you get a Gas Fire Pit?
Replacement to a prior fire pit in the same location.

What competitors did you consider before purchasing from Fire Pit Outfitter?
Some online browsing... Once we found Fire Pit Outfitter could do it locally, however, we stopped looking.

In which location did you install your gas fire pit and why?
On our composite wood deck, which was a replacement for a prior deck.

How did your Custom Stone Fire Pit improve your outdoor experience?
Much more heat output than our prior fire pit, with custom stone matching the remainder of the deck adding to the visual appeal!

What's your favorite thing about your gas fire pit?
How easy it is to crank up and enjoy on a cool evening.

What would you say to a person considering buying a gas fire pit from Fire Pit Outfitter?
Expect great service.
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