Primo XL Jack Daniels Grill / Smoker



Primo Jack Daniels Grill / Smoker


The Jack Daniel’s X-Large Oval Primo grill is made of a thick SuperCeramic which is coated with a lead-free scratch-resistant glaze. Primo has teamed up with Jack Daniel’s to create an exclusive grill that celebrates American craftsmanship and extraordinary whiskey. Primo grills are the only kamado cookers that are made in the USA and backed by a 20 year warranty on it’s ceramics. With this kamado cooker you can grill, smoke and bake like the pros. This versatility makes them a cost effective solution for all your outdoor cooking needs. Ceramic cookers are heavy by design, however Primos easy lift and lock hinge system makes using this cooker as easy as using a gas grill. The base model includes an ash removal tool and grill lifter. Benefits: The grill’s ceramic design allows you to smoke foods at temperatures as low as 180 degrees Fahrenheit, grill and bake at temperatures in excess of 650 degrees. The pizzas you bake in your Primo will have your friends drooling and begging for more. The top vent seal restricts air flow and allows you to control the temperature easier. The grill is also more responsive when adjusting temperature and makes shutdown much faster, which saves charcoal. The Primo’s shape helps evenly heat the cooking grates, making it easier to judge when your food is cooked to perfection. This eliminates the need to move food all over the grill so that it is done at the same time. The infinitely adjustable cast iron lid and stainless steel air vent allow for precise temperature control. The lid has a built in easy to read thermometer for monitoring the internal temperature. The Primos evolved design uses less charcoal and leaves less ash than regular grills. A full load of lump charcoal can burn for over 14 hours. Some user claim they have gotten over 20 hours on a single load, however these reports came from people using fan powered temperature control systems. The grill is easy to maintain with an easy access ash removal door and reversible cooking grates which you can flip over and burn off that hard to remove residue that is inherent when using a charcoal fired grill. You can even burn wood in your Primo, which is a great alternative to charcoal when baking pizzas. With the right technique you will be cranking out pizzas that would cost you $25.00 at a fantastic pizzeria. You can even blacken foods by using the cast iron griddle. Blackend chicken and fish are fantastic but nearly impossible to prepare indoors without stinking up your home and setting off the fire alarms. Cooking Methods: To grill foods you simply light the charcoal and in a matter of minutes you will be ready to grill everything from perfectly cooked steaks to juicy chicken breasts. When you want to smoke long meats like briskets and pork shoulders, just add the heat deflector (optional). With the heat deflector in place your Primo grill will perform as a well as any commercial smoker. Deep smoke rings and perfect bark are trademarks of smoking in a Primo grill. When you want to bake pizzas, just add the heat deflector and a pizza stone (optional) and you will be turning out some of the best wood fired pizzas you have ever tasted. During cooler parts of the year you can even cold smoke foods such as cheese, salmon and peppers. To do this the ambient temperature should be no higher than 60 degree Fahrenheit. Simply add pellets to the A-Maze-N pellet smoker (optional), light one or both ends (depending on how smokey you want the food) and place it in the charcoal bay. You can even dry tomatoes in a Primo, which turn out like regular dried tomatoes but have an awesome smokey flavor. Accessories:
  • Digital Temperature Control: These give you precise temperature control, and greater fuel efficiency. The food turns out better and you use less charcoal.. The Internet enabled model allow you to view and change the temperature from your cell phone or computer.
  • Heat Deflector: This disperses the heat and enables you to smoke long meats like tenderloin, prime rib, brisket and pork shoulder. This is also required to properly bake foods at high temperature.
  • Pizza Stone: This ceramic pizza stone provides a high temperature smooth surface like those found in commercial pizzerias. When used with the heat defector you can bake fantastic breads and pizzas.
  • Extended Cooking Rack: The optional secondary rack almost doubles the cooking space available in the stock Primo.
  • Ceramic Mounting Feet: If you are going to install the grill on a combustible surface you will need to purchase the insulating ceramic feet. They are included when ordering a wooden table.
  • Looftlighter: The Looftlighter is like a stylish industrial grade hair dryer which will have your charcoal hot and ready to cook on in under 5 minutes.

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