Music City Fire 12th South Trunk Fire Pit

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Music City Fire 12th South Trunk Fire Pit



The World’s First Sound Reactive Fire System

A fire system that responds and reacts to every type of music you throw at it. Multiple modes allows you to take full control creating the perfect space for a unique experience. From your smart device you can control all aspects of the system – Switch between the four system modes, control various aspects of the LED lighting system, control the volume and more.

An evolution to the traditional fire pit. Each of our units comes with a unique Sound-Reactive Fire experience. Stream music through the integrated sound system and watch as the fire takes on the energy of the music. With Multi-Sync, multiple units can be synced together creating an incredible experience never before seen in a residential setting. All of this and more controlled straight from your bluetooth phone, smart watch, laptop and more.

CSA-approved, and safe for residential use, these fire pits are like nothing on the market today. Add in strong patent protection, and Music City Fire is not only positioned to quickly become a market leader in the industry, but is creating the first step in merging the smart home lifestyle to the outdoor living space.

The 12th South Trunk Fire Pit uses the unique and desired look of reclaimed wood with steel accent pieces. This timeless design merges the warmth of wood and the industrial impression of steel. The glass reinforced concrete pits are created to withstand the elements to preserve their unique design.

60″ x 30″ x 24″

Weight: 375 lbs 36″ 75k BTU Stainless Steel Burner with Black Matte Finish Pan 2 x 6″ Harman Kardon Weather Ready Sound System MCFC SRFS Touch Panel Display LED Lighting Propane or Natural Gas

MCFC SRFS Touch Panel includes all Features. Multiple Modes, Bluetooth, Wifi, App integration, USB port, Aux in / out , Adjustable flame height, LED Customization and User Setting Customization.

Multiple operating modes your fire, your way:


Sound-Reactive Fire Mode: Connect your music and your fire pit to watch the flames dance to the rhythms of your tunes.

Music & Fire Only Mode: Soak in the warmth of the fire and music without the sound-reactive technology. Fire Only Mode: Enjoy the warmth and light of the propane fire pit without any music.

Music Only Mode: Have the speakers playing your favorite music without the heat of a fire.

Product features

Packed with innovative features, each of our sound-reactive fire pit includes the following:
LCD Display

Mounted directly on the side of each product is our LCD display. At a glance, know all the key information to your fire pits operation.

Flame height control

With 5 different levels to select from, our flame height control feature will allow you to choose between a mellow small display, to a taller and more dynamic flame array.

High-fidelity speakers

We’ve included high-quality speakers in all of our units. Even in those times when you turn off the sound-reactive feature, we still want your outdoor music experience to be unrivaled.

Bluetooth, USB, and Aux

Multiple connectivity options give our products completely versatile listening options. Use the Bluetooth connection to stream from your smartphone, or connect any device directly through the integrated auxiliary port.

Auto Re-ignite

Gusty winds? Our auto re-ignite feature will keep your flames burning and the music flowing no matter what weather conditions.

Additional information

Weight 151 lbs
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including BENZENE, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to