The Basic Parts Needed To Build A Match Light Gas Fire Pit.

These are the basic parts needed to make a match lit gas fire pit. This is the simplest, and probably the most reliable, way to turn your fire pit into gas. These parts are virtually the same for natural gas or liquid propane except for propane you must add a air mixing orifice to the bottom of the burner and burner pan which will draw air in with the propane gas to provide a cleaner burn with less soot. It is essential for propane to add proper venting in the base of the gas fire pit to provide air to the orifice and to prevent propane from settling into the base of the enclosure without venting. It is also recommended for natural gas to provide venting. A minimum of 2 vents on opposing sides totaling 36 square inches for burners up to 24″ and more for larger burners. Firepit Outfitters recommend vents on all 4 sides of the gas fire pit and that you check with a certified NFI (National Fire Institute) installer for proper installation. 

** If you are using a 20lb propane tank, consider the maximum output of the tank to be 75,0000 to 90,000  BTU and a regulator must be used. The reason why this is important is that the BTU rating of the 20lb tank will limit your burner options to sizes that are rated for 90,000 or less BTU.

You can custom size our Match Light Kits to fit your gas fire pit opening. Start with the Penta Burner size and then pick you custom stainless steel pan size which will support the burner and the fill material. The burner pan can be customized in 1″ increments bigger than the burner. (If you need a more precise fit please give us a call).
Comes with everything you need to make a match lit fire pit:

  • Penta Burner in 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″ high capacity or 36″ high capacity. 
  • Stainless Burner Pan made from 14 gauge 304 grade stainless steel with a 1/2″ nipple or 3/4″ for high capacity burners.
  • 1 whistle free flex line to go from the valve to the burner pan.
  • 1 high capacity 1/2″ flex line to go from the gas source to the on/off valve. 
  • Manual On/Off valve with a chrome decorative flange and 4″ key.

Just like the name suggests, Match-Lit kits require a separate flame source to ignite the gas. This is achieved usually by opening the gas valve with a valve key, and inserting a long match near the burner until it ignites the fire. The parts shown here are assuming you already have a gas line run to the gas fire pit.

The first part you need is a Flex Line to attach to the gas supply. This will supply gas to the Manual on/off valve. Typically a standard flex line will work here. Our flex lines come in different lengths to reach the gas supply but it they will not reach you can always add some basic hard gas pipe to make up the difference. Our high capacity flex lines are 1/2″ npt on both ends. A female fitting will go to your gas supply and the male fitting will attach to the valve.


The next part needed is the Manual ON/OFF valve. The valve will be mounted on one side of the gas fire pit and allows you to put a flame over the burner and then slowly turn the gas on at the valve. Depending on the thickness of your fire pit walls, you made need a longer key to reach the valve on the inside of the fire pit. You can make an easy valve extension using standard 3/4″ pipe fittings as shown in the image below. When you tighten the flange it will secure the valve by sandwiching the fire pit wall in between. Now you will need a longer key to reach the valve.