All Black River Rock

All Black River Rock

Tired of lava rock or glass? We now have a third option for media over your outdoor burner- our new River Rock Series. These imitation stones are light weight ceramic fiber, gel cast and designed to take on the outdoor elements. Each set comes with an 84 piece assortment of large and small stones. (large pieces ~ 4.5", small pieces ~ 2.5") One set is ~ 1/2 cubic ft. (15 lbs.) (28 large stones and 56 small stones ALL BLACK)

This is River Rock set is ALL BLACK

1 Box is suitable for up to 19in fire pits.
2 Boxes are suitable for up to 25in fire pits.
3 Boxes are suitable for up to 31in fire pits.
4 Boxes are suitable for up to 37in fire pits.
6 Boxes are suitable for up to 42in fire pits.

Price: $270.00
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